Theo Parrish – Yellow Double Lines (Part 1/2)

Hope that the end of the year is ok for u all and that the dec. 31′ will be full of good sound.

I’ll be in Athen the for the New Year’s Eve, so if you know good places in the city to party, i’m open !

So here’s the last session of 2008 : A 1h15 session mixed by Theo and released only on CD-r.

Playlist :

01. Herbie Hancock – Nobu – Sony Japan
02. Sin Palabras – Yemaya (john beltran mix)
03. Joseph Malik – Believe And See (plastic avengers mix)
04. Fertile Ground – Live In The Light (basement boys mix)
05. ?? – ??
06. Malena- Free To Fly – Just One (remix)
07. ?? – ??
08. David Murray feat. Pharoah Sanders – Gwotet
09. ?? – ??
10. Roy Davis – Nu Roots
11. Martino – Cultured Girl (Iwanai Music 002)
12. Beanfield – Tides (soul patrol remix)
13. Henrik Schwarz – Digital World (2Nd Ep) – Sunday Music
14. ?? – ??
15. Alton Miller – Something For You
16. Phlash – Chaos In The Boardroom
17. ?? – ??
18. Blue Mitchell – Last Tango In Paris (Mainstream)

Special thanks to Jochen for this one and to Danny Barbour for the playlist !




  1. Have a Happy New Year ya’ll

    1.herbie hancock: nobu_sony japan
    2.sin palabras- yemaya-john beltran mix
    3.joseph malik- believe and see-plastic avengers mix
    4.fertile ground- live in the light-basement boys mix
    6.malena- free to fly-just one remix
    8.david murray feat pharoah sanders-gwotet
    10.roy davis: nu roots
    11.Martino – Cultured Girl (Iwanai Music 002)
    12.beanfield- tides-soul patrol remix
    13.Henrik Schwarz – Digital World (2nd EP) – Sunday Music
    15.alton miller: something for you
    16.phlash- chaos in the boardroom
    18.blue mitchell: last tango in paris_mainstream

  2. Welcome to Athens my friend!if you learn for good parties , inform me too lol

  3. Hey thanks a lot for this mix,
    Anybody knows the song around 1:00:00 minute ?
    it’s so good,
    thanks a lot

  4. 15.alton miller: something for you
    is not original version. Remix?

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