2009 – Debriefing time

First, and not to be original, happy new year to you all.  Let’s make a little debriefing :


– I would like to thanks all the contributors who send me livesets (Danny, Jochen, Andrew, Jamie, Billouboy and all the others I forget, sorry) and all of you who complete the playlists. I’m really impressed by your knowledge.

– As most of you already know, this website is not business oriented. Only some little google ad’s are present in order to contribute to the servers costs. And to be completely honnest with you, I earn around 75€ ($104) every 18 months.

–  I made this website for my pleasure and in order to share the sound I like with other persons. I’m really happy to see that some persons have discovered this music with the website. In my opinion, music is just like a giant garden where everybody can go and discover new things. A lot of music lovers are tempted to put barriers around their parcel. It’s not my conception of music. Please don’t be locked in your area. Respect each kind of music, even if you don’t appreciate it. Please don’t be an music “integrist”.

– Now, some 2008 “statistics” :

Total visitors : 75422
Total pageviews : 502628
Traffic used : 2,17TB
Average  visitors by day : 468 (630 since the new version of the website)

To conclude, as this website is also yours, what do you except from Fullbozman.com this year ? (expand artists range ? others sections ? autographed photos ? :))   )

Express yourself.

ps : once again, I apologize for my english 😉




  1. Thanks for the hard work. I wish you were still getting
    BETTER DAYS podcast…I realize that they post them over
    at iTunes BUT alas I do not have a PC that will allow me
    to operate iTunes…I am using the pc here at work. BUT
    still thanks for all the great mp3s you do post.

    Here’s hoping for more of everything good in 2009.

  2. Yes thank you Michael!

    I would love to see some autographed photos! A good party poster section would aid in teaching and sharing some history too! Just more to promote the live events of these awesome DJ’s.

    Just a few thoughts!

    Again, cheers.


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