1. amazing mix!… anyone know the name of the track with the vocal “i’ll face you”? i’d love to know the artist… :musik:

  2. great mix! who does the first track about africa?? thanks for this.

  3. the ID tag of the mp3 file says it’s from 1990 but the file’s name says 1980.
    what’s right? is 1990 a typo or does 1980? mean somewhere betwenn 1980 and 1990?

  4. @seppone : As the title says, i’m not sure about the year…

    But it sounds more like a early 90’s session than a 80’s in my opinion..


  5. I agree, I remember buying this first track in the 90’s ‘Mama Afrika’ but I don’t remeber Larry ever playing this song or do I remember hearing it a the Garage. good song no doubt I would check the source.

  6. For this mix, I must admit that I’m not sure about my source. This kind of sound can be mixed by a lot of dj’s.

    If someone can help identifying this session, it would be great.

    ps : @R.Curtis > I’m very pleased to receive the visit of a ex’ Paradise Garage staff member ! I hope you enjoy the sessions and I’m pretty sure that it reminds u a lot of good “souvenirs”.

  7. The first track is “Tribal House – Motherland” aka afrika and I heard it at the Garage

  8. This mix is NOT at the Garage. The first track had not been released yet. It was probably at the Choice which was located in Alphabet City in lower east Manhattan as Eric states.

  9. the track which begins from 11 minute is just stunning…

  10. anyone can tell me something about the track starting around minute 35, the one with the mesmerizing lyrics “why won’t you love me at all”?

  11. does anybody know if & what edit is on the last track, Kimiesha Holmes – Love me true. Is it Larry’s doing or somebody’s else?

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