Frankie Knuckles – Live At The Warehouse (Chicago / 1977) – FULL Version

1 year ago, i’ve posted a 30mn part of this session. The quality was very poor. Now here is the full version, directly recorded from the master tape.

The quality is still not awesone, but I hope you’ll enjoy this 30 years old mix as much as me !

Many thanks to Manny for this gift !




  1. I know the first track is Touch Me – Houzecrushers

  2. the fist track is Touch and Go, by Ecstasy, Passion & Pain

  3. First allow me to say that the mix was off the chain!! Phat!! 2 bags of chips and all that shit! Not with ALL of that said… I’m a DJ from Chcicago for the last 20 plus years and going STRONG!!! I grew up listening to House Music here in the Chi and I don’t think this is Frankie…… If it is I am shocked because it isn’t his style AT ALL! It’s more Ron Hardy’s style! But as I listen, the blends are to good to be Rons and the EQ has stayed mostley flat so scratch that… it aint Ron! Ok, I guess it could be Frankie… DAMN!!! Not Bad! I never was a fan, his style of music was tooooo soft. This isn’t soft, disco-y yes. Soft no… Nice Job (who ever it is)! GeeFunk!

  4. …this is Frankie Knuckles 100%…My cousin was a regular @ the Warehouse & Frankie used to always give Him tapes. Not to mention I was there when He gave him(my cuz) a tape @ Imports etc (Record store in Chicago)… a few yrs later. We used to call Frankie tha Genie cause He was alil heavier then & alwayz had on some Big loop ear rings like a Genie.
    So I alwayz used to bug my cuz & say…”did U get any new tapes from tha genie.LOL!!!

    But yes, this is Frankie”)

    Manny Cuevas aka DJ M-TRAXXX

    ps…my website in coming in tha beginning of 2008..& I will feature never b4 mixes from Legends amongst living legends & future legends;)

  5. this mix is so wonderful!!
    it lets the sun shining in my heart 😉
    but whats about a tracklist? who knows the tracks that are inthemix?
    im exploding at 59mins

  6. great piece of history folks.
    I realy enjoy it.

    does anybody know what the tracks about minute 16 (instrumental version of something…) and minute 28 (great vocal Garage with female singer) are ?

    please help me out !!!

    all the best to bozman
    I click your adds like a weirdo… please become rich on this… :corbeau:

  7. Thankyou for the great music. Does anyone maybe still have a photo of the club The Warehouse in Chicago, from the outside and could post it here?

  8. I was born long after 1977, and very far from Chicago. But listening to the songs, I was transported to the 70s, and dancing in the middle of the dancefloor of “WAREHOUSE”.

    Respect to Frankie Knuckles

    Does anyone know the name of the track at 50.31?

    Anyone have pics of Warehouse?

  9. Nice mix of classic tunes – although the mix is not from 1977, as a couple of the tracks came out after 1977!

    Here is a track listing:
    Ecstasy, Passion & Pain – Touch And Go (probably the 1986 remix/re-edit)
    Pam Todd – Let’s Get Together (1977)
    Two Tons O Fun – Just Us (1980)
    Billy Frazier – Billy Who? (1980)
    Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme (1976)
    Loleatta Holloway – Hit and Run (1977)
    Double Exposure – My Love Is Free (1976)
    Made In USA – Melodies (1977)
    The Jackson – Forever Came Today (1975)
    Originals – Down To Love Town (1976)
    Teddy Pendergrass – More I Get, More I Want (1977)
    Three Degrees – Dirty Ol’ Man (1973)
    Loleatta Holloway – Dreamin (1976)
    Patti Labelle – The Spirit’s In It (1981)
    Montana – A Dance Fantasy (Medley) (1978)
    MFSB – Love Is The Message (1973)
    The Salsoul Orchestra – You’re Just The Right Size (1976)
    …I think the mix ends with some sort of medley/mixer


  10. espectacular realmente el mejor dj de la era house y el creador del house music no tengo palabras solo admiracion gracias por darme paz alegria felicidad eso es house music
    soy de argentina tengo 36 años y escucho house desde el año 1987 gracias franki

  11. After some investigations of my own, it looks like this mix is from the earliest 1986 & therefore disappointingly not live @ Warehouse!…

    I’ve checked the tracks from the track list on Discogs & it shows that some of the records were released 1980/81 more importantly the first track originally was released in 1976, then remixed by Danny Krivit in 1986!!!

    I can’t find audio to listen to the original, but here is the 1986 edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeG4-x8_j10 which sounds exactly like the first track of this mix!…

    The Warehouse closed down in 1982 & Frankie Knuckles opened the Powerplant which closed its doors in 1986… I don’t know the exact date it closed or the exact date of this mix!!!

    So for arguments sake I’d say this mix is Frankie Knuckles Live @ The Powerplant – 1986

  12. This most definetly not Ron or Frankie there mix skills were not as honed as on this mix even in the Mid 80’s so whoever said they got this mix from Frankie is lying.

  13. As a regular patron of the Warehouse, Power PLant and Music Box (Chicago), I would have to say that this mix had to be live at some other club outside of US Studio (Warehouse), now most of this if not all was played at all the clubs. Nevertheless it is still some of the best music we will ever hear. Frankie Knuckles would serve us!

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