1. 26:00 norma jean bell – ???
    40:00 linkwood – rip (unreleased dub version?)

  2. 26:00 norma jean bell – love me in the rain (vocal dance mix)

  3. around 12 min. : seems T. Parrish himself, but which song is this?

  4. what’s the first one? it sounds like chicago classic!!

  5. @ ty, first one is kink & neville watson – inside out (Rush Hour)

  6. That piano tune at 29 mins is heavy!! Got samples from work that body by chanelle i think. Need to know what that is for real!!

  7. hey i love that last track ooo aah aah I’m just a love machine!
    anyone know what it is?

  8. who’s know the second or third track of this set? i needed it! please help me!

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