Theo Parrish – Live On Radio Nova

Live on the french radio “Radio Nova”.

01. Neville Brothers – Fly Like An Eagle
02. 3 Chairs – Midday Blues At Midnight – 3Chairs
03. Phuture – Phuture Jacks (B-Side Acid Trax)
04. Tama Waipura – Felice Obliqsound
05. Theo Parrish – Jb’s Edit – Peacefrog
06. Moxie#2 – Its A Peach Melba – Moxie
07. Kym Mazelle – Taste My Love – Police
08. Mt Aka Bayaka – Mi Latino… – Lifeline
09. Georg Levin – In Your Car – Sonar Collectiv
10. Night Moves – Trance Dance
11. Theo Parrish – Friendly Children-Ss
12. Candido – Dancin’ & Prancin’ – Salsoul
13. War – The World Is A Ghetto – Mca
14. Theo Parrish – Ugly Edit 4 (The Dells)
15. Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall
16. Interlude
17. Theo Parrish – Timeislafinacharunninout – Ss
18. Lil Louis – Club Lonely (Floorplay Re-Edit)
19. Incognito – On The Road (Dk Edit)
20. Herbie Hancock – Chameleon – Columbia
21. The Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman ? (Tell Me So) – Brunswick
22. The Chi-Lites – My Kind Of Woman – White
23. Fingers Inc – A Path- La Casa Records
24. Tata Vasquez – Suite Guaracho Pt.2
25. Eric Martin – Sump Pump – Dance Mania
26. Larry Heard – Missing You-Trackmode

Many thanks to Trusme (http://myspace.com/trusme) for starting to complete the playlist and to Jamie and Gimbal Lock for the update ! Thanks guys 🙂




  1. this mix right here i her way back and this is why i got into music djing producing the works I don’t think u guys know the importance of this mix – it is truelly something special

  2. seeing as though this mix changed the way in which i view the realationship bewteen genres I thought I would help people out with the track listing and also see if anybody know the ones i don’t

    1 . Steve Miller Band – Fly like an Eagle- Space intro (wicked soft rock album)
    2. Have no idea with this one please help me out cause it sound wicked maybe french producer?
    3. 3 Chairs – “3 Chairs LP” – Midday Blues at Midnight
    4. Use to won this but sold it damm – cant rember who it was by though – help
    5. again not sure sounds like roy david ron trent anyonw know?
    6. theo parrish – first floor – JB’s Edit
    7. sounds like a roxie edit not sure which one now i got it somwhere though
    8. Shit can’t remeber this one now i got it though
    9. Now this is hard to find hopefully people will be loving me for this one took me ages no one knew it – if u want to be really clever the drums are coied off the drums are from
    war – the chase (flying machine)
    although this dub version is
    m.t aka bayaka – mi latino americana flor dub mix ( happy hunting)
    10. Georg levin -in your car -12″ origional version which is the best by far
    11. forgot about this one shit can’t think anyone know?
    12. theo parrish – friendly children – on ss does some weird distortion thing to the kick messes with your head when mixing
    13. dancing and prancing reedit we all know this one
    14. BAd Bad Bad – this is the first time i herd this shit man mixing this into deep house just blew me away its this track that got me, knew i herd it before 2 andres does a 2min re-edit on his andres albulm on mahogani check it
    war – world is a ghetto -dance mix go buy it if u aint got it
    15. theo ugly edit somwhere in abox can’t be arsed to go through them to find out whcih one otherwise ill start lisetning to them all – anyone just buy them all cause ther all bad
    16. now this is a killer 2
    theo parrish – Natural Aspirations – Orchestra Hall
    17. starts back up with th b side of friendly children – the 12′ is called natural aspirations on ss this track is called timeislafinachrunninout i think ist sso18 so go look. its a great tempo changer intro track end of night track its just bad!
    18. now somone please help me with this track that come in after i just love it and dnt know what remix it is – i know the vocal is club lonely i have the origional which is good in its own right but this edit just says detroit all over it please help a brother out? please
    19. Missed this one have no idea must of been in a whole anyone know?
    20. now when he mixed in this i hold my hands up i never herd this track i was like is this modern or old i couldn’t work it out shit it’s herbie in the 70’s no way!
    headhunters – watermellon man also tip cjeck the jap press of this weird other shit!
    21. mow i had this it was ome random larry hers like experimental click thing its like this on every track
    22. the beyonce origional krivit edited it a bit i think
    23. Fingers inc path this is abd track but my press is real quiet so don’t get to play it much need a nice loud bootl i think!
    24. this is real nice not sure what it is thought never come across it anyone know would love this if anyone knows?
    25. off the larry herd album the whole thing is bad!

    so if anyone know what these other tracks out i would really appreciate it i gave u my know’s so spread the love!

  3. hi !!!!
    here is a missing track on this playlist 🙂
    25. eric martin – sump pump (dance mania 50)

  4. oh !! i forgot !
    track 24 is Tata Vasquez – Suite Guaracho Pt. 2

    does somebody know wher i can find the following theo mixes ??
    -YELLOW DOUBLE LINES mixes pt1 and pt2
    -live at medecine bar (round edges)


  5. it seems whe have a complete tracklist there 🙂
    and track 21 is …. chi lites ? Are You My Woman


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