Trus’me feat. Moodymann – Album Launch Party (Manchester, 2007-12-02)

76 minutes session.

Not sure that it’s really the set recorded during the Trus’me album party but if you’ve got any other clue about this session, i’m interested !

Trusme feat. Moodymann

Thanks goes to Ben for this one.




  1. really great mix! been digging it… recognised this cut…

    R.I.P. – Linkwood

  2. This mix is actually all Trus’me aka David Wolstencroft in the mix live in Manchester, with Kenny playing I think one or 2 tracks at the end according to the google 🙂

    So hats off to the Trussers people are really starting to notice that this guy is also an exceptional dj too.

  3. long time listener, 1st time comment.
    If anyone can tell me the name of the song starting at 1 hour and 4 mins in, i would be 4ever in debt to you.
    Keep up the great work!!

  4. hey been loving this mix and postedit up for ya’ll…. been searching relentlessly for the track at 34.00 … if any one can help would be hugely appreciated!
    stay warm

  5. 00:00 Trus’me – Drilling
    04:10 Trus’me – War
    10:48 Trus’me – Trus’Us

  6. Here’s some more…

    07:10 Karen Silver – Nobody Else
    16:38 Chemise – She Can’t Love You
    19:55 Omar S – U
    27:25 Theo Parrish – Moonlite
    34:04 Clyde – Roll Of The Beast
    43:11 Linkwood – R.I.P.
    51:50 Stevie Wonder – Do I Do
    1:04:07 Pepe Bradock – 18 Carats

  7. What plays right after Omar S “U” ? I’m talking about the song that has a chorus that sounds like ” I’ve had enough, life is for livin’ “.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Does anybody know the name of the track, which is righ after Theo Parrish’s “Moonlite”?????

    Deep leftfield business!!!

  9. it is the set from trus’me album launch, i was there having a little boogie in the corner!

  10. Wreckin Crew Chance To Dance is Hot. I Really Like That Song.The Sounds of The Horns in this Song Are Great. This Song is Very Funky.

  11. what’s the song that plays right before DO I DO?

  12. what is after the crazy Latin track

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