Theo Parrish – Live at Triptych Festival Scotland 2008

Listen to this rare session from 2008! 2h40 recorded in Scotland.


Thanks goes to Martin for sharing this stuff with us.




  1. Thank you so much for sharing !
    Can anyone help me fill the gap in my memory and put the name on the track @ 65 min please?

  2. any one know the heavy track at 35mins? also the deep track after dancing in outer space?

  3. Anyone for the house joint @ 56 minutes in?

  4. where is moodys set from miskimoves? 🙂

  5. 36:00 – ID PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. VASYA ZMARIUPOLYU – 36:00 – ID PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like the drum loops form ‘Work that Muthfucker’ Steve Pointdexter, but the synth line is totally unrecognizable

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