1. Dope. Especially 2nd half of mix.

    Track ID please:

    Cut at the 1:07:10 to 1:10:12 mark.

    A Track ID for the 2nd cut would be appreciated too, says “sensimillia” in this cut.

  2. hahahaa WOW!! I’m in Toronto, and I had this mixtape for AGES, and I still remember the shop i bought it at. which unfortunately doesn’t exist today. It was called Speed on Queen St. W. This is dating back to 96/97. There is a tape before it…that starts off with ERB “the weekend” which was my first Theo mix I bought.>>>it mysteriously never found its way back to me after lending it to someone. I still have this one in my stash of music though. Thanks FOR posting this one, and keep Posting them :)!!

  3. First track: Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star”

  4. 35:29 – 44:54 Phreek – Big Phreek
    53:38 – 56:47 Brass Construction III – Sunshine People
    79:43 – 83:35 Kikrokos – Jungle Dj (Ron Hardy Edit)

    Anyone have info on these ‘smoking’ tracks
    75:20 – 79:30 – ?
    83:36 – 89:47 – ?

  5. Hi yuletech

    83:36 – 89:47 -> USG – Ncameu “Label Clairaudience”
    75:20 – 79:30 – ? Iàm lookin since 1997 for this title but can`t found
    79:43 – 83:35 are u shure zthat this is Ron Hardy mix??? I think that this is an other one. Have you this record? If yes can u give me please the record specification???


  6. track 3 is Theo Parrish – Early Byrd.

    what is track 2?

  7. It’s very ironic that Theo Parrish mixes have been uploaded onto the internet , seems as it goes against everything he stands for.


    This is your opinion and I respect it. but you must admit that after mixe-tapes and CD-R, I think that Internet is the normal evolution for sharing sound with others music lovers.

    This website is not a commercial one, and I’m 100% sure that it will not “kill” Theo’s or any others artists music. It will promote it.


  9. Anyone know the track that is playing at the 20.00 mark?
    The chorus sings “Through the darkest night, I’m waiting..”
    what a track.

    thanks for any help, and thanks to bozman for extending life into these mixes and music.

  10. 1st time commenting.
    Thanks for all the uploads!
    You have definitely rekindled an old love for house music.

    That track is…..

    D*Note – Waiting Hopefully (Footprints Vocal Mix – A Lil Louis Painting!)

    Solid track right!?

  11. i got this mix. it`s called “flying”..

  12. hell! what is he playing after early bird, please?
    by the way, let`s start a tracklisting..

  13. big thanks pysano.
    the track reminds me of somewhere sweaty at 4 in the morning, doing the damn thing.

  14. Doin the do….I heard that!

    [53:38 – 56:47 Brass Construction III – Sunshine People]

    It’s actually Cheek – Venus (Sunshine people)(Dj Gregory Remix) – 1996
    But if you have the Brass Construction Original, hook up an .mp3 please!
    That version is so damn HOT!

  15. once again: dope mix.
    i love this site. THX!

    anyone knowing the first track on ‘b-side’?

  16. 27:10 – Rick Wade – I Can’t Take It

  17. 31:40 Trankilou – Escalope De Dingue EP

  18. @gETitOn: 2nd is Natural Flavors-sun juice(alma tropical com suco de sol) on wave rec…

  19. anyone can help me id the track from 52 min please?! it’s a bomb

  20. Does anyone know the track from 56 – 61 minutes …played after Cheek ‘Sunshine People’? It’s a monster!!

  21. Does anybody know track at 15mins?
    I have been searching for this tune for years and years!!!

  22. Same story here!
    Have been searching the track @ 15 mins (after Early Bird) for years now.
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. found it

    Mae-I feat. Selina King Murrell – Sweet Melody (Ratcliffe Mix)

  24. breakfats at Tiffanys – Loose Pigeons
    Rapp Payback – James Brown
    Ten City – Fantasy (MAW Remix)

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