1. Fantastic track on 28 minutes. Anyone know the artist / track? Cheers. :musik:

  2. Every time I workout or jog to the 2006 club mango set done by Louie Vega my energy level increases like 45% lol. Dude is selecting some serious tracks as he usually does but for some reason I get extra amped. I especially like the part when His ridiculously talented wife (of that time) India is singing “To Be In Love” and she KILLS it with her perfectly sweet yet relentlessly aggressive vocals and after that I feel like on the latest roller coaster at 6 flags. I have been a fan of MAW ever since that Violently brilliant “Ha Dance” track emerged from the19 year old mind of Louie’s equally talented compadre (Kenny Dope) and I will continue to be a fan of both of these dudes for life!… o yea, not that Louie would remember me but while he spun at the Sound Factory Bar(right around the corner from the LimeLight) for the Wednesday-nite parties that him and Barbra Tucker would throw every week, If he played a record that I wasn’t feeling I would actually stand in front of the DJ booth and look at dude with my hands out to my sides like (really) and at the time he would look at me like WTFRUL@?… idk, I thought I was the shit when it came to dancing so I wanted the best shit playing when I was in the joint!

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