Theo Parrish – Live at Djoon (Paris, 2009-12-04) – Soul Sprektrum

5h45 session recorded at Djoon in PARIS during the “Melting Soul Presents Soul Spektrum” party.

Playlist :

0:05:28 – Calypso Path (Sofrito Edit)
0:28:26 – Quantic Soul Orchestra – Un Canto A Mi Tierra
0:41:55 – The Crusaders – My Lady (Tangoterje Edit)
1:11:10 – First Choice – Double Cross (9 On The 5 Hr Mix)
1:34:10 – Dwele – Feels So Good
1.36:45 – Oliverdaysoul – Potion No.9
1:41:22 – Fela Kuti – Mr Follow Follow
1.55:22 – Andres feat. Vernonhill – Step Pattern
1.58:03 – Andres feat. KDJ & Tracy Vox – Sing About It
2:05:40 – First Choice – Love Having You Around
2:15:00 – James Brown – Body Heat (Theo Parrish Unreleased Edit)
2:25:20 – James Brown – Gonna Have A Funky Good Time
2:34:38 – Skye – Ain’T No Need
2:35:30 – Theo Parrish – Synthetic Flemm
2:50:06 – Omar S – Oasis
3:07:50 – Calender – Comin’ On Strong
3:14:36 – Peven Everett – Stuck
3:30:25 – GQ – Is It Cool (Theo Parrish re-edit)
3:38:00 – Jackie Beavers – Mr Bump Man (Theo Parrish Unreleased Edit)
4:14:33 – Crusaders – Sweet & Sour
4.22:45 – Divinti – Find A Way
4:38:00 – Glenn Underground – Afro Gente
4.45:00 – Johnny Hammond – Los Conquestadores Chocolates
4:58:30 – Gap Band – Out Of The Blue
5:15:00 – Africano – Open Your Hearts

Thanks to all who mentionned me that mix.




  1. Killer track after Peven Everett – Stuck.
    Starts around 3:21.

    Really need this track name.

  2. The track after Peven Everett – Stuck:

    “Open Up” by Free Radikalz

  3. Bozman may be busy with things, so wanted to pass along this set in case he can’t post it up: Theo Parrish at Taico Club Kawasaki in Tokyo, Japan, on September 19, 2009. It’s a live crowd recording, so you’ll hear people talking sometimes.
    (see details at http://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=6704)

    Download link:

    Thanks as always to the fullbozman.com community and to Mr. Bozman!

  4. Thank you for the tip Cond!
    But unfortunately it is not possible to download from that website

    There says: The file status can only be queried by premium users – Purchase a premium account now!

    Do u know somewhere else where to be downloaded?

  5. God Bless You Bozman! plz drop me an email.


  6. Anyone know the song starting at 2:42:30?
    please help me!!!!!!

  7. anyone know the first and second track in PART 2 of Theos mix???

  8. Hi everyone,
    Just found this post looking for a reference…I’m the dj of the first hour.It was such an honor to open the night for such a talent !!!!

    Thx to the ones with kind words.
    If you ever come to Paris , Domino is my regular residency. I play this kind of things. There are some mixes recorded @ Djoon club on myspace:


    I also play every two months in Hamburg.
    Feel free to write me : emileomar@gmail.com

    Here’s the completed playlist if interested :

    0:00:00 – Nat Dove and The Devils — Zombie March
    5:28 – Calypso Path (Sofrito Edit)
    15.03 – David Murray & Gwo-Ka Masters, The Feat. Pharoah Sanders – Gwotet (Yoruba Soul Remix
    19.08 – KB – “Feelin U” (Yoruba Soul remix)
    22.09 – Nina Simone – Bonus Beat
    28.00 – Quantic Soul Orchestra – Un Canto A Mi Tierra
    33.50 – The Sahara All Stars – Alikali Adajo
    42-.45 – The Crusaders – My Lady (Tangoterje Edit)
    46.00 – Universal Robot Band – Barely Breaken Even
    54.00 – Rift Valley Groove (Tropical Treats edit)
    1.00.00 – Cosmic Force – Trinidad Bump
    1.08.01 The Jellies – Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
    1.10.00 – First Choice – Double Cross (Ebony Edit
    1.13.00 – Tropical Treats – Waarewaah

    All Best


  9. Emile,

    22.09 Nina Simone – bonus beat

    What label or release is this on? Great tune.


  10. That track by Rift valley Groove is hilarious….It was sung in the Kikuyu language which happens to be my mother tongue.its amazing how I was busy looking for House music and end up finding music from home 🙂

  11. What is the song: Is it cool if i just be myself again etc. just let me be myself again (2nd part of the set 31:00) grtz

  12. Can someone please ID the vocal track between “Synthetic Flemm” and “Oasis” by Omar S?

    “On my mind, feelings of life.”

  13. – Andres feat. Vernonhill – Step Pattern
    – Andres feat. KDJ & Tracy Vox – Sing About It
    – Little Louie Vega Arnold Jarvis – Life Goes On (Dance Ritual Mix)
    – First Choice – Love Having You Around

  14. anyone id track that comes in @ 4.29min 32 sec after Divinti -find a way

  15. track at 47 minute mark must be logg/leroy burgess too

  16. the track is trio 3d – tamanco no samba which starts at 3rd minute 5th second of this recording.

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