Moodymann – Live at Gilles Peterson Show (BBC Radio1, Oct. 11 2007)

Moodymann drops by the Gilles Peterson studio for a mix and interview (his first UK radio appearance). Enjoy

Playlist :

Modern Jazz Gang – ‘Miles Before and After’ (Adventure)
Jay Electronica – ‘Voodoo Man’ (Test)
Jef Gilson Septet avec Llyod Miller – ‘Fable of Gutenberg’ (Spirit > Jazz)
Quantic – ‘Melodious Wayfarer’ (Tru Thoughts)
David Essex – ‘Rock On’ (J Dilla Ahu Edit) (Test)
Flying Lotus – ‘Dolly’ (Ahu Edit) (Test)
Jill Scott – ‘Crown Royale’ (Hidden Beach)
Jill Scott – ‘Insomnia’ (Hidden Beach)
Linkwood Family – ‘Piece of Mind’ (Fire cracker)
David Essex – ‘Rock on’ (Re-edit) (Test)
Unknown (Mark E Edit) (Test)
Cerrone – ‘Music of Life’ (Malligator)
Moodymann – ‘A Place Where Most Suburban Kids Think They’re From’ (Mahogani Music)
Moodymann – ‘Technolgystolemyvinyl’
Moodymann – ‘Black Mahogony’ (Mahogani Music)
Amp Dogs Knight’s – ‘Im Doin Fine’ (Mahogani Music)
Moodymann – ‘Shades of Jae’ (Mahogani Music)

Moodymann Takeover :
Moodymann – ‘Freaky Lil Mama’ (Mahogani Music)
Norma Jean Bell – ‘I’m The Baddest Bi**h’ (White)
Moodymann – ‘No Feedback’ (Mahogani Music)
Sly Stone – ‘Can’t Strain My Brain’ (Epic)
Andres – ‘Roots’ (Mahogani Music)
Moodymann – ‘Mama’s Hand’ (Mahogani Music)
Moodymann – ‘One Night’ (Mahogani Music)
Moodymann – ‘Telephone Blue’ (Peacefrog)
Brougham – ‘Musicians From the Summer Program for Youthful
Musicians’ (Ubiquity) > Was (not Was) – ‘Out Come The Freaks’ (Z Records/Island)
Jnerio Jarel – ‘It Ain’t Dead!!’ (Lex)
Josie Stingray Ft J.Davey – ‘Doin My Thing’ (Test)
Bugz in The Attic -‘After the Dance’ (Simbad Remix) (Test)
J R Bailey – Just Me’N You (Passion Music)




  1. I can’t believe there are no comments on this show. What an amazing interview and musical selection. Pure class! :hello:

  2. Cant Strain My Brain was used by Theo Parrish for “Brain Colloboration”.

  3. Agreed, superb set and interview!! Can’t believe no comments!!

  4. thanks for sharing.

    one thing: it’s “where suburban kids think they’re from”.

    “they’re from”.


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