Moodymann – and Charles Webster – Live session from New York

Delicious 1h session with 2 amazings dj’s. Listen….and enjoy !

Tracklisting :
01. The Mighty Bop – Lady (Come With Herbert Mix) – Yellow
02. Meikbar – Feelings (ray dilla edit) – Rush Hour Rec.
03. Jill Scott – It’s Love (Swirl People Remix)
04. Demarkus Lewis – I Like It (remix?) – Aesoteric Records
05. Kerri Chandler – Yellow – King Street
06. DJ MFR & Vincent Kwok – Come To Me (Charles Webster Remix) – Bluem Recordings
07. Justin Martin – The Sad Piano (charles webster remix) – Buzzin’ Fly
08. ?? – ??
09. Lifelike – L.O.V.E. Is What You Need – Colorz
10. Roy Davis Jr. – About Love – Classic
11. John Tejada – Breakout E.P – Palette Recordings

Thanks goes to Andrew, Andre Leone, D.E., Cygn, Chipsta, Baron and Tony for the playlist.




  1. A great set! We need to get a playlist going…

    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. Kerri Chandler – Yellow (King Street)
    6. ?
    7. Justin Martin – The Sad Piano (Buzzin’ Fly) – Charles Webster remix
    8. ?
    10. ?
    11. ?

    All contributions welcome :musik:

  2. track #4 is Demarkus Lewis ” I like It” which is on Grab Records

    and towards the end(don’t know what # track it is) but is Roy Davis Jr’s “About Love” on Classic (Solid Groove remix) 🙂 if anyone knows what the first 3 are,please email me and let me know,track 3 is SICK

  3. 02 Feelings (Ray Dilla Edit) – Meikbar – Rushhour

  4. great mix!

    the last track is John Tejada – Rendered Players (or another track from the same EP, not sure)

  5. never seizes to fail mr.kdj mix n alf

  6. a really enjoyable mix. thankyou for putting it up. great website.
    track 6 sounds like norma jean bell on vocals..

  7. the lyrics from track 3 are from Matrix vs. Goldtrix It’s Love (Trippin’) but i dont know which mix it is.

  8. I’m sure the first track is Herbert, can’t think of the tune though :sic:

  9. track 6 is a Charles Webster remix of Dj MFR &Vincent Kwok – Come to me.

    Any ideas what the second last track is? It’s a stormer 🙂

  10. Track 3 sounds like a bootleg of Jill Scott’s ‘It’s Love’ (not matrix/goldtrix, who used a different vocalist).

    Track 4 – Nice tune – but is it demarkus lewis on ‘grab’? His track ‘I like it’ is on ‘aesoteric’ and uses the same vocal, but different melody…

  11. Thanks guys. Playlist is updated but the 3rd and 4th tracks are uncertain. :hello:

  12. Track 03: Jill Scott “It’s love” Swirl People Remix

    Thanks for the mix!

  13. Great set!

    How can I download this so I can keep it on my computer? It just ‘downloads’ as a new browser window and there are no options on the ‘play-bar’ to save it…. ?


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