1. TXS for all these great sets you have here on line. I thought after my hardrive died on me last month (A total loss of 350GB on live gear, gigs and personal raw productions), I have lost also all my Larry Levan & Parrish Mix tapes. Cheers for sharing all this mate!!!

  2. great page!!
    thx a lot for your effort!
    Larry Levan – Live at End Max (Japan / 1991)rocks hard!
    neeed to id the first 7 minutes, just fantastic – does anyone know?
    would be much appreciated!

  3. jeeez, really monumental stuff – dying to know the track starting around 1:01 …anyone? thx a lot in advance!!

  4. 1st song is Groove Committee ‘I Want You to Know’ (Victor Simonelli Nu Groove Mix)

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