1. the highest DJ.
    I respect you.
    Thank you.

  2. Could someone please tell me the name of the opening track??? its probably an obvious one…

  3. thanks ptambient! Does anyone also know the tune around the 21min mark? its got great drumming and percussion with tribal chanting over the top…any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks

  4. who will give a track list a shot? Would be amazing. Probably too minimal for us house-heads.

  5. that oldskool vocal track on 55 mins… (thought you loved me etc.)
    anyone recognizes it?

  6. Which version of KDJ’s “Theif that stole my sad days” is that (2nd track).. i’ve heard a total of 3 versions of this track.. but can’t find any references to which version that one is.. any help?

  7. THANK YOU!! This is an amazing set. i had and then erased it so im thrilled to find it here. Please what is the track AFTER “Ya Blessin Me”? It’s sooo deep and i’ve never been able to locate on a tracklisting although it was quite popular a bit a few years back. This is one of my favorite house records esp in the Autumn- thanks

  8. As for the Moodymann track Keith good luck finding this version. i have a feeling Mr. Fingers along with Mr. Dixon Jr. have copies along with maybe another 10 of their friends and thats it 🙂

  9. Oh Moonrocks the fierce the tribal number is called Koro Koro by No Smoke

  10. Thanks for your help joe! Much appreciated…

  11. what’s the track from 12:30 to about 16:00 with the fat bass on every bar?

  12. that oldskool vocal track on 55 mins… (thought you loved me etc.)
    anyone recognizes it?


  13. Hi Samam , Hi Nowayback … you wanted to know what’s on minute 55 … It’s TEMPER ” no favor” .

  14. any1 knows the track id at 1:15:–
    heard it many times but never found out the name 🙂

  15. does anybody kno the track before temper until minute 54, please?!
    classic one!

  16. track at 33 mins is some version of look whos lovin me by smokin beats

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