Fullbozman.com V2.0

As the world is in perpetual evolution, and as we don’t know if this same world will still exist tomorrow, here is the Fullbozman.com V2.0.

New Design, new functions but the same objective :


I would like to thanks all the persons who contribute (or have contributed!) to this page by sharing rare material, donate or simply appreciate the work done.

As always, your comments are welcome


Bozman (aka Michael)




  1. Like the new layout a lot better…PS….keep up the good work

  2. is there still a possibilty to switch between the tracks within the mixes? if not, its a bit anstregend to listen to passages within the mixes that are not so supergroove. i mean, if you have to listen to the mix from beginning to ending without any possibility to switch, where have we landed then? if you changed that technique like this, i wouldnt call that an improvement at all. if im wrong, im sorry of course.

  3. @Switchmaster Jay : Of course you can “switch” between the tracks.

    In the embedded player, you just have to click wherever you want in the area showing the mix title then, you’ll see a red progression bar which indicate your position in the mix.

    Note : For example if the mix is only 10% downloaded (the little green progression bar at the bottom of the player) you can only “switch” in this 10% area.

    You can also use the “Download link” if you want to listen the session in your fav’ mp3 player (winamp, media player, itunes, ect..)

    Hope my answer is ok


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